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Food made spectacular again

Grandiose Catering is a division of Ghassan Aboud Group, a conglomerate founded in 1994 by the visionary Ghassan Aboud. GAG’s track record and market reputation hold us in excellent stead as we seek new opportunities to delight clients with bespoke gourmet journeys.

Grandiose Catering serves hundreds of clients with delicious meals, light bites, full banqueting spreads and packaged retail meals every day. With a client roster including some of the region’s biggest corporate, government and hospitality institutions, we’re set apart by our quality, staff training, and variety of cuisine.

Grandiose Catering focuses on three main audiences. We deliver a wide range of catering options for hotels, public sector concerns and corporate clients. We also offer turnkey banqueting and event management solutions to make special occasions all the more memorable. And finally, we supply a wide variety of fine food products for retail outlets, as well for the hospitality sector.


Excellence in Variety Grandiose Catering sources authentic chefs for a variety of popular cuisines, and works with experts to refine our offerings into breathtaking menus. Our roster of chefs and accompanying teams can craft menus for a wide range of cuisines, including:






Lebanese | Egyptian | Khaleeji




Vegetarian | Non-vegetarian


Spanish | French | Greek | Italian




Our Quality Standards

Grandiose Catering is set apart by its quality and service standards.
Consider that:


Our Dubai Health Authority certified teams undergo quarterly training and evaluation on hygiene standards, serving etiquette and interpersonal communication.


A resident nutritionist carefully calibrates the calorific value of every dish to ensure it isn’t just delicious but also wholesome and nutritious.


Our teams are on call round the clock seven days a week, every day of the year.


Our kitchens are designed for efficiency, safety, hygiene, and low wastage. A flow diagram instructs teams on the best processes to guarantee quality and safety – with separate entrances for raw material and finished dispatches.


Our facilities in the Dubai Investment Park also benefit from a 2,500 sq. ft. store that offers capacity for frozen, chilled and dry food products.


Our specialised workflows, ingredient inventory and customised vehicle fleet allow us to mobilise rapidly to cater for last-minute requests.

Customer Satisfaction

Delight in every bite

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of our business. We try to not just serve meals. Instead, we take our audiences on a culinary journey that delights their taste buds and celebrates Arabian hospitality.

Client delight is built into our operating procedures, which is why we conduct regular client surveys to ensure exceptional results. A team of experts visits client premises to guarantee that our staff members are well-presented and all serving stations well maintained.